Place of Birth: Szeged (HUN)
Date of Birth: 16.08.1990.
Currently living and working in Hungary


2022  Yale Divinity School, non-degree visiting scholar, New Haven, CT, USA

2020- University of Pécs Doctoral School of Art, Ph.D. in practice program, Budapest, Hungary

2012  Nazareth College Faculty of Arts, BSc exchange program, Rochester, NY, USA

2010-2015 University of Pécs, Faculty of Arts, BSc and MSc program, Pécs, Hungary


2022 Mind and Life Summer Institute - participant in poster session

2021 Ashurst Art Prize - featured artist


2021 Transhuman, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN) 

2019 Catechism on Air, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN)

2018 Initiation, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN)


2019 Loop Video Art Fair, Hotel Almanac, Barcelona (SP) 

2018 MIA International Photography and Moving Image Art Fair - Milan (ITA) 

2017 Art Market Budapest 2017- Millenaris Cultural Center, Budapest (HUN) 

2015 Art Market Budapest 2015 - Millenaris Cultural Center, Budapest (HUN) 

2014 Art Market Budapest 2014- Millenaris Cultural Center, Budapest (HUN) 


2021 DLA Exhibition of University of Pécs, Republic Gallery, Pécs (HUN)

2021 Conversations with Me, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN)

2020 Selection from the Collection, MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN)

2020 DLA Intro, Nador Gallery, Pécs (HUN)

2019 One in a Million, Brody Studio, Budapest (HUN)

2018 Groping in the Dark - MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN)

2018, Relative Time - Drei Haben, Budapest (HUN)

2017 Outside the Box - MyMuseum Gallery, Budapest (HUN)

2017 Artzond Conceptual Video Festival, Saint Petersburg (RU)

2016 One Phase, more component - MUSZI, Budapest (HUN)

2015 Stockholm Fringe Festival - Studio 44, Stockholm, (SWE)

2015 Inside Out - Ani Monár Gallery, Budapest, (HUN)

2015 Degree show - M21 Gallery, Pecs, (HUN)

2015 Selfs - Nador Gallery, Pecs, (HUN)

2013 Oh, Good Lord - Jackson Junge Gallery, Chicago, IL (USA)

2013 Student Showcase - Gallery of the Arts and Cultural Council, Rochester, NY (USA)

2013 aLIVE Urban Art Show - Vibe Gallery, London (UK)

2012 First Steps - House of Arts, Pecs (HUN)


Are Influencers the Artists of the 21st Century, IN:, 2019


Transhuman, 2021, MyMuseum Gallery 

The exhibition focuses on the development of human consciousness and its cultural consequences. Cognitive evolution has an impact on how society is shaping, as a result of which the human brain creates individual interpretations of reality. Zoltán Vadászi approaches the issue from a scientific point of view, and draws attention to the contradictions between the layers of reality that are created by medical imaging technologies and overwrite or even question our senses. Veronika Szendrő researches on cultural changes in religious experiences of the human brain. She examines how relative the cognitive perception of phenomena outside reality is.


Catechism on Air, 2019

The exhibition explore the overlapping areas of online video and television culture and religion. The artworks examine what functions TV or online video pieces may have in people’s life, focus on understanding how different forms of mass media try to impact on the human brain and reveal the resemblance of the findings to how religious messages work. The exhibited videos reflect on their own medium, which offers a meta-level of the interpretation on media influence. Szendrő places the emphasis on human’s innate desires and how they are connected to rules of society,  


Initiation, 2018

The visitor is guided through the exhibition space, which provides the experience of an initiation process. Its first part reflects on the paradox of the idea that one may proceed in their life by creating a purgatory like space, while in the second part of the show the artworks are to be interpreted as religious pieces carrying transcendental meaning as a result of the religiously themed space, and the visitors are enabled to create their own personal religious ritual.

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